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As you know, if you've done your research, there is no cure for genital warts! I contacted my family physician for a solution to my problem as it has just started and i did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a fake cure. I am telling you this straight from his mouth that 'Compound W' or home wart freezing kits will NOT hurt you. I used Compound W to get rid of mine and within the first night they are almost gone!!!!! Granted, it is very early in my symptoms. I have 3 small warts but give it a try. it may burn a little but it is well worth it as it DOES WORK!!!!!!!

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Is Anthony still around? I have a couple questions about the gel.


I am opting between the gel and the freeze off, i have three small looking ones in the vagina area but not inside. Plz help!


I just put the compound w on two small ones n it burned a little but i got a big one in my inner thigh part n when i put it on that i thought i was goinh to faint how bad it burned omg!! Thank god it stopped burnin wish me luck though! N i got the liquid conpound w


Well damn I've had them for about a year now , I went to the dr and they said it wasn't GW but they have been growing so now I think it's time to do something about it, I used conpound w but it turned my skin black, like around the wart! I read it's a blood blister but idk, I'll keep using it and hopeful I get some positive results


how do you use the restroom after applying? i applied and its drying, do i wash off before restroom and reapply? can i take brakes without the medicine down there?


how do you use the restroom after applying? i applied and its drying, do i wash off before restroom and reapply? can i take brakes without the medicine down there?

im a girl and its not up my vagina its around there and around the anus

I'm Just A Girl

Compound W dries up and hardens white. You shouldn't have a problem going to the bathroom with it on.

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Got the freeze compound W today. Applied it to a few to gauge pain and it’s a small sting. However pain it’s a mental state so don’t think about it and you won’t feel anything.

Will update with results soon.


It takes time and effort and some pain but I used Compound W on mine and they are all almost gone. I couldn't be happier with the results. There may be some scarring, and if you get the stuff anywhere on the skin around the wart there will be dark spots for a while. I would rather some scarring down there than the unsightly warts. Ive had them for 13 years and they've just recently started growing so I got desperate. The ACV treatment took too long, the compound W was fast, I started seeing results after day 2. You have to stick with it, applying twice daily and grit your teeth through the pain after day 3. It was worth it to me to see them gone. They may come back, because as stated in previous comments there is no cure, but for now it's good. It took about 4 days for the larger ones to dissolve, the smaller ones seem to take longer.


so I think I have genital warts or something around my area. I just recently found about them and went to the health clinic for them and she told me she is 90\\\\% sure that it was warts. so I tried the compound w liquid and it BURNED the first night and I applied it again his morning and of course burned again. I was looking and it looks like my skin is peeling away around the warts by some of them are peeling with the skin. is that normal?? also the skin around the warts are turning white? will that go away or will that stay for good?

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