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As you know, if you've done your research, there is no cure for genital warts! I contacted my family physician for a solution to my problem as it has just started and i did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a fake cure. I am telling you this straight from his mouth that 'Compound W' or home wart freezing kits will NOT hurt you. I used Compound W to get rid of mine and within the first night they are almost gone!!!!! Granted, it is very early in my symptoms. I have 3 small warts but give it a try. it may burn a little but it is well worth it as it DOES WORK!!!!!!!

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worry wart

I also was told by my doctor being a college guy with not much money to spend to try Compound W.

Remove Pubic hair around area, trying not to scrape poke nick or cutting the warts.


PATT DRY, and apply compound W to warts. It DOES BURN FOR A FEW ( and i mean a few) ten at most minutes. DEAL WITH IT...

Apply once in morning, wash off at bed time and re apply.

DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH AT WARTS, only spreads them!!

There will be a white crust if you will call it that that forms over the wart.

do NOT peal off. wash and re apply.
i have removed some and others are fading.

Hope i helped.


I only have a few but I have one that is in an undesirable spot so I had two frozen off by my Gyno (which was the WORST pain I have ever had down there- I could hardly walk). The smaller one came off completely within a few days but the larger one only decreased in size a little bit and since has grown even larger.

So at the moment I am trying compound W because it is not inside my vagina (just outside of it) and I am really hoping it works because I can't go through the pain of freezing off again. Compound W even has a freezing product now that only takes one application. I opted for the liquid though because of my previous experience with freezing. Good luck all!


thnks ive been doing that im still on the proplem compond w i got becuase i got them on my hands


hi, i've been reading all the posts on hpv & remedies on this site. i have hpv for 13 years & i usually get an out break once a year. they are usually tiny & have used a generic kroger brand liquid wart remover with 17\\\\\\\% salicylic acid, no problem, not too much pain & they are gone. i had been feeling a few recently on my vagina & was treating them with the liquid above & thought they were gone. this weekend i drank a lot of wine & by the next day the one inside of my 'lips' was gigantic. i have been applying the liquid wart stuff but i am in excruciating pain & one side of my vagina is severly swollen. i havn't had intense pain like this or swelling before, not even when i first got them 13 yrs ago. i've been squeezing garlic w/ water & swallowing it fresh, started taking more vitmin C & folic acid, & just took an asprin seeing how other people used it as a poltice, i took it internally to relieve some pain. anyone ever go through this? should i just go to the doctor? i'm so embarrassed.


Glad to see the responses.I tried the compond w freeze off kit.I hat a few just under my foreskin on penis.I used the the freeke kit and the acid the fereze kit not so bad burns only for a few seconds.Than the acid liquid it was the most pain ever!!.They appear to swollen up and turn red now they are scabing a bit and feel they will fall off soon.I'll be honest it's painful but it was less than 20 bucks.I am just so embarassed about it I did read and am informed that 92\\\\\\\\% get rid of it in a year or so permanately.Than you are immune if your exposed again.Could be worse I have a friend who has herpies which lives in the spine.hpv is in the skin why it's so easy to spread and treat.Well could be worse have hiv or something terminal.I am totally going on the straight and narrow about sex and want to just find the right girl and not worry about all the risk out there.Thanks for your posts...


I was early in the signs of genital warts. I was in tears for days when I finally showed all the signs.... I didn't know what to do, and I certainly did not want to tell him it was true, because I had already brought it up when the bumps began and he FREAKED! But, I know it was him that gave them to me. I first looked to this site for home remedies because I am only 18, poor college student, and live at home with very strict mormon parents who would be solidly disappointed in my actions. Not worth the disappointment. So, I first tried the ACV treatment... It helped.... temporarily. Later when the bumps came back, I tried again... it helped... temporarily. So. It began to spread. Not good. So, I decided to take total control. Last week I went and purchased Compound W with hopes for a treatment for this ugly virus. Last Wednesday, I did the first application at about 9 o'clock at night. I have kind of a weak stomach so I didn't want to look at the results till they were at least a little healed. Well, I grabbed a mirror and froze the visible warts. I have a very low pain tolerance and it hardly hurt at all! It has been 5 days and they are 98\\\\\\\\\\\\% gone! I cried today when I checked on the process. I was sooo grateful for the effects of Compound W. $17 dollars at Albertsons really saved me. It saved me hundreds of dollars, pain for professional treatment, embarrasment of treatment (I live in a small town, people talk), and the disappointment from my parents... hope this helps someone like this site helped me... best of luck..


Hello everyone! I am here strictly to explain the differences between the freeze away products, liquid products and gel products.

Time- freeze, 2 applications. Liquid and gel, 8 applications about 4 days.

Pain- freeze, holy shit! That's a 9 out of 10. Liquid and gel, worsens every application but burns for 2 minutes top. About a 5 out of 10.

Application time- freeze is a quick 50 seconds for each wart. Liquid and gel is about 30 seconds for every wart but then you have to wait for it to dry or risk it shifting to bare skin.

All in all, I prefer gel because I have a thing about freezing a part of my penis off and the liquid tends to be harder to apply directly to the wart without touching the surrounding skin. It is all alittle painful but that is just a trial of life... always remember to wrap it! Hope I've been helpful.


Burn a lil?? Lol hell nah Bruh that shit burned a lot!!


Dial anti bacterial soap clearer mine up in 2 days. That was after trying to burn them off and they came right back... Even worse. Read it somewhere, tried it. Absolutely amazed. Haven't returned in 3 years. It costs like 2$ to buy. You have nothing to lose. Like I said, 2 days and never have come back.


Worked for me :)

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