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I used to have mild acne, and now it is almost all gone. Here's what I did:

1. Use a mild bar of soap and wash your face. Rinse.

2. Use a gentle gel soap. Rinse.

3. Use a scrub. I used Juliet's Natural Facial Scrub. Rinse.


The reason being that the soap moisturizes, the scrub exfoliates, and when you don't touch your face, it keeps you from putting all the dirt and oil back into your pores and skin. I have stopped using the scrub, though, and I am still getting results. The most important thing is, don't touch or pick your face. You would be surprised how much you really do in one day! Also, it might help if you change your pillowcase regularly (goes back to the oil and dirt thing). Good Luck!

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You should never use soap like that to wash your face. Maybe a lavender or tea tree natural soap.
Soaps like that dry out your face, and cause over-production of oil, all-in-all making your acne worst.

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