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this is the most natural remeddie i have found yet im a biologist and i will tell you what to do.
1.go find spruce tree needles make sure there solid green.
2.(pick if possible) fresh lemons(2) swedish moss (very small amount)
4.get cup add needles, moss and water then heat till warm not hot!
5.squeez lemon juice into concoction then immediattelly add ice and drink cold.
it may not be easy to find these things but its approved by biologist!

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If you were really a biologist, you would be able to spell.


why the fuck would i be picking lemons and looking for green moss with a stomach ache??? this is the dumbest home remedy of all time


But its approved by biologist!


these are HOME remedies yes you can do that at home but you don't want to go rushing around in your car or walking around if you don't have a car to get ingredients to make your stomach better when you are making it worse to look around for ingredients! Do home remedies with the things you ALREADY HAVE at home!!!


lol! if i wanted an indians opinion id go to the reservation! maybe youll find your lemons there! and your weird ingredients that are probably made up names anyway. five stars for all the other comments.


Shes a witch!! Burn her!!

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