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My molar next to my wisdom tooth is almost gone, about 2 years ago it broke in half and the filling dropped out. The cavity is very deep and goes to the roots, but the roots are good and never really caused me any pain as long as I kept using a flouride rinse, and ate nothing w/ cane sugar in it(honey, beet sugar, and 100% fruit juice never caused me any pain), until I tweaked my tooth chewing on grape nuts cerial. I have a huge abcess now. I've been taking Motrin 200 mg every 2 hours, and the Dentist gave me antibiotics and tylenol 3, but for some reason (I am not sure why) he did not drain the abcess. Even with the antibiotics and painkillers the pain was excruciating! I cannot imagine what those of you w/o the pain killers are experiencing! Thanks to the ideas I found here, I've been using the dry tea bag (organic green tea), Swedish Bitters on a bit of cotton stuffed into the cavity and an ice pack on my cheek. Took about 1/2 hour to start working but my pain is finally under control.

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