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ok plug you nose then blow while still holding your ears closed, it will hurt yet it will work

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Don't do this. You can blow your ear drums out. Very dangerous.


Seconding the risk of this method. I've seen at least two friends rupture their ear drums from trying to 'pop' them while congested. VERY painful.


DO NOT EVER HOLD YOUR NOSE AND BLOW.. i did about four years ago and finally just felt pressure and heard ringing in my ears i went to the er...they told me it was an ear infection i knew it wasnt cuz i had ear infections before this was toooo painful for that they gave me drops and told me go home three days later i was still no better at all so that monday went to my doctor my ear drums had ruptured and the drops could have caused me to go deaf so you need to be careful please never do this again it is so painful and worse than just the ear being congested...


Doctors recommend this, but they do NOT recommend blowing hard. they recommend blowing very very softly to just put very light pressure on the clog, and to do it often


Agree with jesse's comment above.

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