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Lip Plumper [the best i've tried FOR ME (that means, it may not work for everyone or may not have the same effect)] I have normally sized and shaped lips, but if I am lookin for an extra 'umph' i use ground cayenne of whichever brand suits you most, chaptick..of your choice..and finally a minty toothpaste, once again, your choice.. mix a little cayenne and a whole stick of chapstick and melt in the microwave til soupy and slightly hot.. then place in a bowl and add enough toothpaste to make something like a mask.. finally take a toothbrush and brush over lips, irritating them.. place mixture on and leave for like 3 minutes, or until you cannot stand the burn nemore.. finally rinse with warm water and put on a light chapstick.. wait atleast 3 more minutes before you put on a heavy gloss so that your lips have time to recover.. *hopes this works*

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Wow, that just sounds too painful. I used to use hot cinnamon toothpicks to quit smoking and found the bonus that they plumped my lips. Can't find em anymore tho.


Your lips arent gonna be plumped, theyre gonna be swollen


Sounds pretty brutal, and just for the sake of getting plump lips.


Isn't having plump lips just having fat lips? My point has been made.


Yes, plump lips are fat lips but I think that's what everybody wants!

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