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I've got two words for you...Neti Pot!

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The Neti Pot gave me a terrible ear infection. Might be because I didn't have the correct angle and some of the liquid got trapped in my ear canal. I threw it away after that---it was awful.


neti pot doesn't work that much on heavy congestion. it just irritates your membranes


The neti pot works great! I highly recommend it!


Love my sinus rinse appliance. I use the bottle not the netipot. I LOVE IT and several people I know use it daily with super great success! I believe the people whom say it doesn't work didn't give it a serious try. I have gotten great results and will continue to recommend it to anyone who will listen. My family have used it and reported more good results. I know this company will give out free bottles and pots now and then. neilmed dotcom


The key to the Neti Pot is not to use it when you are so congested that you have turned into a mouth breather. The first person got an ear infection because the saline from the Neti Pot had not where to go except for the ears, which equals ear infection. I use it when I start feeling like I am coming down with something, it washes all of the yuck out and the next day I am better. Also, be sure to use distilled or previously boiled water because the tap water has microorganisms in it and you really don't want to be putting that up your nose.


I use the bottle everyday and one morning I wake up with a sinus infection. When I have a sinus infection, it only gives me relief for about 5-10 minutes and then i get all congested right away.


The neti pot has given me two sinus infection and a horrible ear ache in two separate uses when I thought I was getting a cold. I HATE IT AND WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IT

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