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wart Killer 2009

I used Air Duster and froze them myself. You simply find a plastic piece with a small hole at the top to cover the infected area, for instance I used the top of a Dawn dishwashing liquid bottle. You should use a surgical face mask or a bandana so you don’t inhale the fumes, witch is very unlikely. You should also use a pair of eye goggles to cover you eyes; these can be found at Home Depot. Now that all safety measures have been taken you can begin the procedure. First take the plastic peace and cover the infected area. Second while holding the plastic piece over the wart, turn the Air Duster can upside down and spray the wart for 2 to 3 seconds until the area is pinkish red in color and the wart is frosted over. This action may sting a bit but the pain will pass in less than a second. Now all you have to do is wait, the area under the wart should turn black and blue in a matter of days and the wart will fall off in lest than a week. I tried this procedure after going to a doctor and having the wart burnt off the first time. They came back a month latter and could not afford to go back. I have successfully removed my warts with this procedure and it’s extremely simple, taking only minutes to do and will only cost you $5.00 or so aside from the face mask and goggles which you only have to buy once. Hope this helps!

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I am trying the Aspirin, Castor oil & ACV I will post my results in a few weeks. Thanks

John Doe

I have had warts off and on for about 6 years.. I have tried everything... Condolox did NOT work on me.... I was in a relationship for over 3 years and right before i got in it, I used Dr. Schols Freeze Away and it worked.. FOr some reason, they did NOT come back for my whole relationship. Soon as i got single, they came back.. Sucks, I am currently trying tha ACV treatment but I put mine on in tha morning after showering. I cut up a cotton ball into small pieces, barely bigger than tha size of tha wart, then i cut strips of plastic wrap,(Glad wrap) and cut some pieces of med tape up.. Make sure u have everything ready before you start. I soak tha cotton balls in tha ACV, then i squeeze a little bit of tha ACV out, then place tha cotton ball right on the wart with a little tape just to hold it in place, not tight.. Once u get ur infected area covered up with your ACV'd cotton, then you kinda tightly wrap your whole area with the glad wrap and leave it on tha whole day unless it hurts.. No smell and no mess because of tha glad wrap!!!! Im 5 days into this treatment and warts are getting hard and have black spots on them so im gonna keep up tha treatment till gone.. I can leave mine on for 12 hours without no pain. If you do burn your skin, put some vaseline on tha burnt part before you follow up with tha next treatment.. Vaseline will block the ACV from getting on your skin so be careful not to get it on the warts.. Its a little bit of work following these steps, but doctor it up in tha morning, then pull it off at night and go to bed. I also have been taking garlic pills 2 a day for about 2 or 3 weeks now.. I will post again in a week or so to follow up on tha results.. Whatever you do, DO NOT MASTURBATE while doing tha ACV treatment because it will make your skin irritated and tha ACV will burn and scab ur skin... Hope this will help someone because i have read every post on this forum and this one im trying.. THanks to tha prior posts..


I have always used a condom, but they don't cover the pubic region which is where I got mine. It was first only 1, but not knowing what it was I continued to shave and cut it once. I then noticed I had more later on and the Dr. said I probably cut the one and spread it since I used the same razor. STOP SHAVING and trim it until you are clear. I went to the Dr. and dermatologist and had them frozen, the acid, had stuff that I put on myself that dried them up, and also aldara. Aldara for me doesn't seem to work, and however the frozen and acid method worked, it was expensive to keep going back. I tried this air can freeze method and so far it looks as if the dr. froze them with liquid nitrogen. I hope it will have the same results.


ok so is this like dangerious? i mean my friend has them on his penis and there are a good bit! and will it work on all of them? what if its more that 2 or 3 like 10??????

john jacob jingle heimer smith

im kinda new to this so plz bear with me. i've had these anol warts 4 about a year now and 4 the longest time i couldn't figure out how i got them or why i have these things. i have seen similar thing on (gay)guys who get a little to dick happy and id hate for another judgmental person like myself to place me in that boat, however i want these things gone bad. im not the doctor type and if i was i wouldn't be letting him or her but their face in, on or around my ass so they can run home and tell their girlfriends, i don't think so. but my boyfriend want me to go 2 the doctor because he thinks they can help me. ok they can but i wont b free or cheap and id have to show them my ass which i don't want to do. im thinking about doing the acv thing but i have a question or 2. can i use distilled white vinegar, it has 5% acidity. also i read something about hydrogen peroxide being used the same way. whats up with that? some body , anybody plz help me i can't not not have sex thats crazy it might fall off and i dont want that. ill be hopefully standing by. use warts 4 the sub and ill read it asap.


I just started this method and noticed when I used the air duster / q-tip, the warts became bigger overnight. I'm assuming it is part of the process b/c it is just being irritated? I'm worried this procedure will cause the warts to become bigger and worse. Anyone have experience with their warts becoming bigger in the early stages of this procedure? if so, is this normal? thanks again


My mates in the army use air duster spray when they come off tour, as they seem to always catch them whilst away from home! I am now struggling with warts and will give it a try. Wish my luck


I've done the airduster method. It works pretty good. My warts are on the frenulum and next to my urethral opening. Also had small ones surrounding the head of my penis. I'm uncut, so they were small and soft. I never thought of making a shield for the area, so thanks for the tip

But here's mine. The pain was horrible after freezing deep enough to cause a blister (that's how you know you froze deep enough-and remember DON'T POP IT!). I tried coating my penis head in orajel 5 minutes before hand. Wipe it off before freezing, then reapply immediately after treatment. It helped SIGNIFICANTLY WITH THE PAIN AND DISCOMFORT afterward. Takes about three to four treatments for success. Its totally worth it since I can't use condoms (they don't stay on my uncircumcised penis).

no name

tried dustoff today. first with hollow q tip and i didnt know if it would be enough so I taped up the skin around it and shot the liquid strait on it. small wort but i wanted it gone. the liquid got under the tape froze about a dime size area of my dick solid. put hot water on it, took tape of and did it more with q tip about 10 times for 5 seconds, 3 times in one day. got a small clear blister were the skin froze but the wort was dead and gone by the next day.

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