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wart Killer 2009

I used Air Duster and froze them myself. You simply find a plastic piece with a small hole at the top to cover the infected area, for instance I used the top of a Dawn dishwashing liquid bottle. You should use a surgical face mask or a bandana so you don’t inhale the fumes, witch is very unlikely. You should also use a pair of eye goggles to cover you eyes; these can be found at Home Depot. Now that all safety measures have been taken you can begin the procedure. First take the plastic peace and cover the infected area. Second while holding the plastic piece over the wart, turn the Air Duster can upside down and spray the wart for 2 to 3 seconds until the area is pinkish red in color and the wart is frosted over. This action may sting a bit but the pain will pass in less than a second. Now all you have to do is wait, the area under the wart should turn black and blue in a matter of days and the wart will fall off in lest than a week. I tried this procedure after going to a doctor and having the wart burnt off the first time. They came back a month latter and could not afford to go back. I have successfully removed my warts with this procedure and it’s extremely simple, taking only minutes to do and will only cost you $5.00 or so aside from the face mask and goggles which you only have to buy once. Hope this helps!

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I havent tried this freezing thing yet but am looking at using the q-tip method. 1. where do u puchase the air duster? 2. Has anyone had the wart come bak oris it gone permenanty?


You can buy an air duster from any comp use or walmart etc in the computer section.

Id suggest using Dr. Scholls freeze away.. its the same concept. Just be careful to not over do it since its a very sensitive area.


I don't understand the part about putting the plastic over the infected part, could someone explain it with more details

Praying for success

I used this method as of 11/15/2009. It was painless and the plastic cap I used actually filled and contained the air duster in liquid form. Better put would be to say I got a more intensive treatment then the article listed. The warts turned colors almost immediately. I will keep you posted on the progress as this was much cheaper and less embarrassing then going to the doctor with no insurance. USE A CONDOM if you have any signs of warts as I am a guy that contracted this from a women, and you never check your partner for signs of OMG not having sex with you.


Q-tip method worked very well but the plastic cap focuses the effects of the freezing agent. Allow 2-5 days for signs of blackening to appear

King Cole

Did they ever grow back, or are they gone so far? I have some warts and I am skeptical on which method to use, however yours sounds most practical. I just want to know if I can rid them forever, if not for longer than 5 months.


I have repeated the treatment a couple times. Still waiting for them to fall off. The theory is sound and I would imagine it would solve the problem in the direct area however I am going to use an ACV or something after they fall off. I treated one on my shaft first to see the reaction and it's fine no pain. This method takes self confidence. Be careful and smart and expect positive results.


Just wondering have any of you used this on anal warts?


Yeah I just read the anal warts I will give the paste a try I have the same issue. Sucks!


I made the original post on this site. I revisted the site to see how my thread was doing. Just to let you all know;the warts came back maybe 2 more times and this method is worked every time. they haven't came back sence may. hope this helps!

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