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I used Air Duster and froze them myself. You simply find a plastic piece with a small hole at the top to cover the infected area, for instance I used the top of a Dawn dishwashing liquid bottle. You should use a surgical face mask or a bandana so you don’t inhale the fumes, witch is very unlikely. You should also use a pair of eye goggles to cover you eyes; these can be found at Home Depot. Now that all safety measures have been taken you can begin the procedure. First take the plastic peace and cover the infected area. Second while holding the plastic piece over the wart, turn the Air Duster can upside down and spray the wart for 2 to 3 seconds until the area is pinkish red in color and the wart is frosted over. This action may sting a bit but the pain will pass in less than a second. Now all you have to do is wait, the area under the wart should turn black and blue in a matter of days and the wart will fall off in lest than a week. I tried this procedure after going to a doctor and having the wart burnt off the first time. They came back a month latter and could not afford to go back. I have successfully removed my warts with this procedure and it’s extremely simple, taking only minutes to do and will only cost you $5.00 or so aside from the face mask and goggles which you only have to buy once. Hope this helps!

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Ive been struggling with this one fairly large wart and this got rid of it in about a week! it works great.. my method: spray q-tip with with air can upside down then apply it to the wart until its frozen over and keep holding it there for about 5 seconds.. you might have to do it more then once to get rid of the wart fully. i had to re do it about 4 times but it deff works! i also applied some apple cider vinegar after i froze it and that seemed to help it turn black and fall off. also healed really nice and you cant even tell .. just dont over do it!

Lonnie H.

I had smaller warts and the plastic this method works great! It cleared up in a week!


How many times do you frost it over? I'm going to try it but I don't want to overdo it. I'm going to try the q-tip technique followed up with acv.


I tried this method two days ago. The first time I accidentally sprayed too much and ended up burning the surrounding skin. It does hurt a little, but the pain is temporary. Its been 2 days and the warts and surrounding skin have turned black. I've also applied ACV and am also taking garlic supplements. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Its been about a month since I was diagnosed. I had acid applied to my first set of warts and it did leave some mild scars. I've been applying cocoa butter and the scars have almost diminished.

I've read from different sources saying the HPV can eventually be suppressedeliminated. I hope that it can...I can't imagine the rest of my sex life being non existent.


So for me, I've been incorporating a few of the methods from this site. For years I'd use condolox and it was successful but expensive. After reading about some of the natural methods, I thought I'd give it a try. First I tried the air duster with a q-tip (great advise btw) which gives you control over spraying it. I tried it about 3 times the first day. I also used acv alone and with a mixture of acv, aspirin, and Castro oil. After two days the wart is shrinking fast, about the same rate as condolox and for pennies on the dollar. These methods really do work. I wasn't too keen on the technique that involved tapping the acv to the wart overnight. Using the air duster with q-tips, acv with q-tips, and the aspirin/acv/castro oil mixture paste with q-tips has caused me no irritation or burning on the wart or around the skin. Be sure to be patient and not rush to overdo any of these methods. Less is better and precision is a must to avoid irritation. Take your time and you'll see amazing results that will give you the power to take control and kill warts as soon as they come up. Thank you to the people who posted the advice on the air duster and acv mixtures. Good luck.


As a follow up to my last post above, everything worked out great. The wart I'd completely gone a little over a week later. No issues with irritated skin surrounding the wart. Eventually the wart went completely black. Make sure you let the wart fall off on it's own. Do not pick or pull at it since it acts as almost a scab to help heal underneath. After the wart is brittle I used neosporin to make sure it didn't get infected. Take your sweet time using acv sparingly with the air duster and you'll be shocked a week later.


have you used these methods on your penis..i have on warts by my pubic area im scared to do it on one on my shaft bc i dont want a scar


Don't ever take the time to post but...I had really bad warts on the anus. They were getting quite big and scary. After about every other option I tried one that worked. Crush about ten aspirin,add about a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of castor oil, put this paste on a cotton pad, then leave between the cheeks over night. It gets a little sore (aloe helps). After about 2 weeks these horrible monsters are pretty much gone.


This really helps I tried it and sparyed 3-4 times a day and by day two ALL of them had shrunk dramatically still waiting for them to all fall off...Hoping to be able to have sex by July 4th weekend...

new to home remedies

Anybody - is this method--freezing them-- meant for the really sensitive skin around female genitalia? Also,it seems like it would be way to painful to put apple cider vinegar in the same area?

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