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This method helps to keep a cold from turning into a sinus infection. It also helps with congestion.

1/2 teaspoon un-iodized salt
1/2 tablespoon distilled vinegar
1 cup boiling water

Dissolve/dilute the salt and vinegar in the boiling water. This solution can then be used either with an atomizer (a recycled Afrin or Dristan nose spray bottle is what I've used) or put up in a dropper bottle.

Empty and clean the atomizer. Partially fill and empty it with boiling water a couple of times by inverting it into the boiling water. This will flush out any product that might still be there.

Fill the atomizer by squeezing and inverting it into the solution of salt, vinegar and hot water. It might take you doing so twice to get it relatively well filled. Turn upright and squeeze slowly until sides are almost touching. Any liquid that squirts out is what was 'overfilled.' Obviously you let it cool before using! It's now ready to use like any normal atomizer.

I've used this as a nose spray to help with colds and to help prevent sinus infections. I've also used it as a prophylactic method before going on outings with crowds during cold season. I've still gotten the occasional cold but don't seem to get them as easily.

The saline is easy on the sinuses and the vinegar creates a slightly acidic pH. My guess is that sinus bugs don't like the pH shift.

Give it a try. I've had good luck with it and used to get sinus infections as a result of having a cold nearly every time. I also used to get sinus infections from swimming. Those are also history. Other than that I'm still using this spray nearly daily during the winter and rarely get colds and never get sinus infections any more.

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This remedy worked wonders in the space of a minute or two. I was completely congested and couldn't breathe through my nose at all because of allergies. I was able to clear one nostril and have some semblance of relief! Thanks for the suggestion.


Thank you! thank you! I tried this with apple cider vinegar instead of the vinegar which i had luck for having it and it worked! after 1 minute, i could breathe again! Please try this method before giving up, it worked for me, thanks guys, the internet is a life saver sometimes!


I'm starting to wonder if all the people suggesting salt and vinegar solution are all playing some kind of cruel sick joke. Not only was this horrendously painful, my nose is even more stuffed up than before.


I used this mixture in my Neti-Pot and was amazed at how quickly it opened my sinuses. I'd used a little more vinegar than recommended so it did burn like crazy. I'm now using it as a nasal spray.

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