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I searched internet for home remedy for tooth abscess and came upon this site. What a relief! Several posts mentioned good ole peroxide which is a staple in my home. So here's my two cents. Swish mouthful (normal amount used for mouthwash) full strength generic hydrogen peroxide for ten minutes 3 times did the trick for me! First 10 mins. rinse I noticed pain relief. Second 10 mins. rinse, swelling relief. Third 10 mins. rinse, I was completely relieved of pain and swelling AND SENSE OF TASTE temporarily. A bit extreme to say the least, but worth getting rid of mind numbing pain and chipmunk cheek. This method kept misery at bay until my dentist appointment four days later. I hope this helps you too.

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This suggestions helped speed the pain relief process along and I am so greatful for this website!!! Thank you for sharing your painful experience and your tried and true ability to 'fix' it. I will be linking this to my facebook profile.


I tried this process and the pain did go away but the swelling of my whole lip did not. Do you think I might have something different? I have all the symptoms. I have no health insurance and I am so scared. I wanna cry. :(

Verious B. Smith III

Praise God for this home remedy website! It's 1am where i'm at and i had been suffering from a painful abcess for several days. one day i even had a fever but now im in the midst of the third rinse of peroxide and i can definitely say that this has taken away the pain! I'm so grateful to God for showing me this. i will sleep peacefully tonight!


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