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Currently, there is an ongoing study at MicroNutra Health for a new homeopathic named Restulex. They are giving it away for free as long as you monitor your symptoms for the first few days. It sure beats taking Alzheimer drugs...

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I looks like they are no longer giving it away for free but now charging nearly $70 for a single bottle. You found that offer at a good time!


MicroNutra Health was shut down by the FDA.

Recently the website was taken off line and the company, MicroNutra Health, was closed down by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). MicroNutra Health had an entire product line of natural health supplements that the FDA is now calling “drugs”.


There is a reason why in the Wikipedia article on homeopathics, they use the words quackery and placebo in the first few paragraphs. Oh well placebos do work for about 30% of the people. I wish I were that suggestable! Bar of soap anyone?

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