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After having all four wisdom teeth removed I developed dry socket at both lower extraction sites. The pain has been well documented here so I wont go into it. I found this excellent site and was lucky enough to find a nearby drug store (Walgreens) with the Red Cross Toothache kit.
This kit contains a bottle of Eugenol 85% which is the same active ingredient my oral surgeon uses to pack dry sockets.(He actually uses a prepackaged tiny strip of sterile gauze coated in a mixture of 100% Eugenol mixed with a small amount of Vaseline.)
I have only a few cautions to add to excellent info on this site.
1. If at all possible, before packing the socket with Eugenol or clove oil soaked sterile cotton or gauze as described in earlier post you should thoroughly rinse the socket with a small irrigation syringe (no needle, ask druggist for one) or Waterpick on a lower setting, filled with Scope or a similar mild mouthwash. Quite a bit of food can accumulate in these sockets.
2. REMOVE, change the packing and thoroughly rinse at least every 48 hours. Failure to do so could result in TOXIC SHOCK, a life threatening condition. This is very unlikely, but if someone followed the advice from this site just left the packing in, it could happen.
The same goes for any packing done by your dentist or oral surgeon. Return to him to have it removed within 2 days.
3. You may also consider adding yogurt to your diet or purchasing some Probiotics from a health food store because the antibiotics you should have been prescribed can kill off your natural flora. Another plus, yogurt is an easy to eat source of sustenance in your condition. Look for live culture yogurt without nuts or other ingredients that that can become lodged in the sockets and be difficult to remove with the irrigation syringe.

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Thank you so much this really helped me.
i got a tooth on the bottom pulled on wednesday and on friday i called my dentist because i had sever pain and couldnt eat or sleep or anything. He told me there was nothing wrong over the phone. the pain just kept getting worse and worse and every dentist was closed on the weekends. i hadnt slept since before the tooth was pulled and i was miserable. The hole was filled with a whitish-yellow puss and it tasted horrible. im only 16 and my mom was trying everything to help me even letting me take an oxycontin which just put me to sleep but i woke up in worse pain so no more of those.
Finally i found this site and she bought me the kit and it works so good!
Thanks so much!

katie, 31 years old

thank you so very much for this post! i had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted on friday. the pain had not gotten any better by sunday, it had actually gotten worse. this morning i went back to the surgeon and he told me both lower holes had dry socket. he packed it with medicated gauze, but it began hurting again this afternoon. i got the red cross toothache kit and it has changed my life:) yes, it does burn for a minute, but TOTALLY worth it. only like $7.00. i just dabbed the area with it and i actually feel relief. thank you so very much!! i don't go back until wednesday to get the packing removed/changed out and i don't know what i would have done until then.


I to am suffering from dry sockets. I had 2 teeth extracted last Thursday and the pain got worse by Saturday. I have been in excruciating pain for days. After finding this site I am going tomorrow to buy some clove oil, and try it. I hope it works for me as well. SO glad I ran onto this site.


Well I did go out and purchase the red cross toothache kit, and it did work. The pain did go away, only problem now is when it wears off I'm in pain again. This has been going on for 9 days. Does anyone know how long this will last?


THIS STUFF WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks so much for this advice. I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed on tuesday, about 5 days ago, and developed dry socket yesterday. It has to be one of the worst pains I have been through and nothing worked, i took ridiculous amounts of pain medication with no results. Using the red cross kit is the only thing that has alleviated the pain, so I am really and very truly thankful that I found this site!! Thank you!!!

Toni Allen, MWC, Okla.

Oh my lord, what a godsend you are!!! I'm 28 and had a molar extraction last Friday. Here it is Thursday and I've been in EXCRUCIATING pain for nearly a week. I checked with a flashlight and a magnifying mirror and, sure enough, all I saw was bone down there. I got online immediately, came across this site, and went straightaway to Walgreen's down the road. half an hour and one packed socket later and voila! No more pain! Thanks SO MUCH for the info.


This stuff definitely works. I had a really painful extraction 4 days ago and am still in a lot of pain (presumably dry socket). The Vicodin helps for a bit, but this stuff is great for the in-between times! I just dabbed in on for a minute like the directions said, but it's enough to alleviate pain for at least 2 hours.


thank goodness for this site! Just sent hubby to CVS for the Red Cross toothache kit (ingredient is oil of cloves)! I had a dry socket many years ago and I now remember that is what the dentist packed it with. I am already on an antibiotic and will irrigate well and use the Red Cross kit. I can't take Vicodin and work, plus, have to go out of town for my Mother's surgery Fri. am. This is a lifesaver!


wow!,id have to say this has been the most helpful sanity saving web page ive been on,just like evryone else on this page,i too got a lower right wisdom tooth out and didnt form a clot and had dry socket...WOW!...the pain was terrible...unfortunately i was away camping when i got hit with the pain so when i got home i thought id checkout the web for any ideas why its hurting so much ,and all symtoms pointed at dry socket...i already had oil of cloves for pain relief before extraction,so after reading this page i was on it straight away....and just like everyone else here...IT WORKED INSTANTLY....i just followed everyone elses advise and cleaned it out with salt water and dropped a few drops of clove oil on a piece of gauze and packed it in the socket and got relief for thr first time in 5 days...thankyou so much for all your help and hopefully it helps the sanity of other guessing due to the fortune the dentist charge might be a good reason why they never suggest this remedy.again thankyou and happy living to all.

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