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cut a clove of garlic and press it against the tooth. Pain releif in seconds. Remember garlic is a natural anitibiotic.

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Thank you very much for the tip. Garlic does work for me.


you have not mentioned that you have to be human for some of these remedies to work. garlic may be natural but nothing has happened. my boy friend has been going on two days of pain, i have tried everything so far on this web page and aside from knocking him out he is still in pain. so people do not be fooled, these things are not working and i am running out of patience if i had money i would just do the dentist but i will keep looking and trying


Raw Garlic worked almost instantly, can't figure out how people can hold it on their tooth for 5 mins as it burns the side of my tongue and cheek like hell. I just continued holding it there as long as I could stand then spitting out the excess and repeated that a few times. Whew!

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