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1 level tsp. BAKING SODA mixed into a glass of lukewarm water, chug, burp a few times, and feel the relief. Ahhhhh! Chase with a cool glass of water if desired. Process may be repeated for severe cases. My great grandfather taught my grandma this, and she taught me. The other day I saw an episode of Food Detectives on the Food Network and they tried several known home remedies and over-the-counter remedies as well, and it so happens that BAKING SODA (an Alkaline) was shown to be the most effective. As we all learned in high school chemistry class, Acid is neutralized by Alkaline.

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Just needed to do this myself; came to me almost by instinct, to relieve the sudden onset of chemical burn in my throat. Worked like a charm.

walldodger 1969

I learned this from my Bro in law(he has 30 years as a medical researcher under his belt) a study done in Switzerland by a Dr.,... 85% of a group of patients that were going to have a root canal , didn't have to by taking a herbal supplement called Padma Basic.


my mother told me to take baking soda for bloating(gas)and it worked and it also took away my heart burn SO YES THIS REALLY DOES WORK I'VE BEEN DOING IT FOR YEARS!!!!


OMG this worked great... mixed it... drank it and then four hot burps later feel so much better


Woke up about an hour ago with bad chest/back pain - I think due to some ibuprofen I had an hour before that. Tried 1tsp baking soda in warm water, plus another glass after. Burped a few times, felt marginally better. I have just vomited up the two glasses, but feel great now?! Something worked.


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Terry from Cape Coral. FL

Thank you so much for taking the time to post this simple drink. We all have baking soda in the house!
I tell you I had pain so severe between my shoulder blades I was crying. I read this drank it 3 minutes later RELIEF!!!


Okay, so I tried this baking soda remedy for acid reflux. It really did work...for a few days. Then I started up with black stools and cramping. When I stopped the baking soda remedy the other problem went away.

So...I'm going to try the aloe remedy now.


Anyone seriously give this a try, I mean even if it doesnt work for you its not going to do any harm, baking soda is a great muti use kitchen item. I have been awake all night suffering so bad from acid, and this feeling of a lump in my throat, I have eaten half a bottle of tums, taken otc acid med today, and drank a bunch of the liquid relief stuff to. And still up all night in pain and discomfort. I just went down stairs after reading these things and tried the baking soda thinking it made the most sense. And IT WORKS, I am already feeling it start to work and its been like 5-10 minutes. Thank you so much.


My grandmother use to make my aunts do it all the time. Since I've had these real bad causes of heartburn, I tried it n it really WORKS! You have to drink the whole glass but after no more heartburn. It even relieved my stomach ucler too. They usually act up at the same time. You may feel a lil gasy and burp and fart but its worth the relief!

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