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My grandmother used to make this for us and when we'd get sick, we'd want to go to her house -- it might have made my mom sad, now that I am a mom I thought of that. Anyway, start with cold water and slice a lime (or lemon) in it and a cinnamon stick. Boil for about 5 minutes then let sit another 3-5 minutes or so. Pour into a cup. If you're OK to drink alcohol, at night you can pour a little rum in it which will make you sweat all night but you'll feel better in the morning. If not, drink as is, with honey if you like, and you should feel better. Repeat as necessary (alcohol only right before bed!)

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omg lemon! is the worst for a bad throat. anythign with citrus.. u cant use lime.. jeez


OMG, Kary. Look, THIS IS WHAT WORKS FOR HER? Learn proper spelling, too.


Actually lemon juice and honey help a sore throat a lot.


the one that wrote about the spelling you must be a alful person know it all


how much do I have to drink? I just made a cup and it taste like hot throw up


I dont understand how could she drink this as a kid this tast really really really bad how can anyone drink a whole cup of this.


I have the worst sore throat! I tried it and seriously it did not work for me at all, its too bad cuz all the comments were good :( now im ganna try the milk and butter hope it works.

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