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I have been killing myself with laughter (the things we do out of desperation) anyways I have serious toothache. My remedy Green Tea works like a bomb.
1. Drink plenty Green tea
2. Place the tea bag on the infected area.

Worked for me. Good Luck.

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It's midnight and I'm in a hotel in an unfamiliar city. I tried blowing the hair dryer in my ear and on my jaw and it helped for a minute or two. I don't have any of the other things that everyone recommends except aspirin. It's not really helping a lot. Then I read about green tea. I had some tea bags with me and there is a microwave in the room. I just made a strong cup of green tea with a chamomile tea bag in the cup, too. The pain went away instantly, and I'm now holding the green tea bag on the tooth for good measure. I'm buying Nyquil tomorrow to have that as extra insurance until I can get back home to my dentist. Thanks for the suggestion! The chamomile is making me sleepy, and hopefully I'll be able to get some peace now.

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