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My first boil in years. Was angry and painful. I was worried sick that it'd never heal. Scoured the internet and found this tumeric treatment. It worked on me fine and the boil drained all by itself on the fourth day of my predicament. I was so elated that now i want to share this 'formula'. Hope it works for everybody.

In a mug full of hot water add 1 tsp tumeric powder. Apply warm water heat to the boil using a cloth.Do it 2-3 times a day and watch the boil drain without warning!

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After having 12 boils surgically removed a doctor told me to buy GOLDLINE ICHTHAMMOL OINTMENT and layer it on the next boil. It stinks like asphalt, but within 24 hours, the puss from my next boil was laying on top of the ichthammol and still oozing out of a large hole that had formed from the drawing power of the ointment. It can also be purchased at a farm supply store in pint containers for $5 and is the same as for humans, but is purchased for livestock for lots less money.

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