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First I wanted to Thank everyone who left some wonderful info here. This site has really helped. when I woke up this morning the left side of my face was swollen because of an infection with an abscessed tooth (I'll be calling the dental clinic tomorrow, but it takes forever to get in)... This is what I did and it really worked...

1) Advil 800 (help with the pain in swelling)

2)rinsed with some hydrogen peroxide, then with listerine (helps clean the infection also with the pain)

3) dry tea bag (green tea) on the infected arean

4) I put a heat pack on my face (easy way to make one at home put some (uncooked) rice in a sock and tie it off warm in the microwave 1-2min then place it where ever you hurt)

after about 20 min with the tea bag i took it out the abscess wasn't ready to drain yet.

5) I took some fresh garlic, crushed up a clove and placed it directly on the infected area (Warning: it will burn like there is no tomorrow but it really really works) after about 5min i was able to drain the abscess (it might take a little longer for different people)

I felt relief right away, it was still sore but so so much better. After i finished draining the abscess rinsed my mouth out with water then.

6) brushed my teeth with peroxide and backing soda

7) Rinsed my mouth out with listerine

8) I took some Vitamin C 1000mg

I feel nearly 100% better!!!!!

Also to help draw out any more infection I put a new tea bag on the infected area, and laid down with the heating pad for bout 45min.....

I hope this helps.. Good luck to everyone.....

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