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Mikki Blueyes

I tried a bunch of these and the tea bag one really worked for me, but the trick is you have to have patience!! It took an hour and a half (and 2 tea bags) before I got ANY relief but it did work. I tried ice and advil and tylenol 1's (with codeine) and I was still in screaming pain. I got some relief by pursing water in my cheek, but I was drinking so much water I was peeing every 10 mins. But the tea bag made the ultimate difference that I could sleep. Thanks to all who recommended it!!

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I have had an abccessed tooth ache for 3 days I have been eating the ibuprofen putting ice on my cheek nothing was working. I tried the tea bag and it worked I was so pleased. I find if I keep it on for about 30 minutes right after the ibuprofen then Im pain free for a few hours thank goodness

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