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I had watched a TV show about RAW HONEY and what it can be used for. Sunburn was one.. I had gotten a bad sunburn and remembered the raw hony show. I went to my health food store and bought some. The reason you should use raw honey is that the ones that you buy in your corner store has been heated to kill everything in the honey. Raw honey is pure. Apply it to the burn and place a wrap on it. Please it on but not tight. It works better then aloe... Hope this helps.

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Jessica Simpson (jk ;-))

Umm... what if the burn is on your FACE!!! I tell you, people just dont frecking THINK these days!!! (sorry, i am just SOOO mad about my mother hugging sunburn!!


Then put the honey on your face? is it really that hard for some of these people to comprehend?

btw i tried this and it worked for my arms and legs but not my chest. i think its because i got burned way worse there but thanks anyways :)

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