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My daughter is 2 and has had horrible problems with constipation ever since she was a baby and taken off breast milk. Her pediatrician prescribed medication that worked but there was no middle ground. She was either constipated or 'blowing out the back'. Not to mention it tasted so bad it was a struggle to get her to take it. Since then we have switched to a new doctor and she recommended Mira-lax. It is not a quick fix but it got her system working like normal. She can only take 4 grams twice a day, but check with your doctor for a proper dose. It’s great because you mix it with milk or juice and she takes it right down.

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I would suggest giving your daughter a dairy free diet. Its the cows milk thats causing these problems.


i went soy and my daughter still has the problem so i wouldn't blame it all on cow milk


We have used Mirilax with all 3 kids! Works great! They can take it daily if needed and you can adjust the amount given as needed!


Hi, I was also prescribed the same thing for my daughter who seems to have cronic constipation. I recently STOPED using it. One of the side affects is becoming dependant on laxitives and stool softeners in order to pass a bowl movement. I have been doing a lot of research and am now using natural remedies. I would love to share the information I have if you would like. I can email it to you or whatever just let me know. My email is and in the subject type Miralax :}

Emi, RN, HN-BC

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