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Healthy Diet for cancer patients:

Fruit juice, 100% grape juice. No Citrus!
Whole grain cereals with no preservatives.
Nut's, Raisens, chopped fresh fruit.
Eggs,natural organic. Blend with PURE VIRGIN COLD PRESSED FLAX SEED OIL, chopped tomato's, green onions and green peppers.
No coffee, only herbal tea's. Chaparel tea or green tea.
3-4 medium size fruit. Any citrus fruit must be taken 4 hours after oil.
One tablespoon PURE VIRGIN COLD PRESSED FLAX SEED OIL in 1/2 cup LOW FAT cottage cheese, morning and night.

Salad with mixed greens and vegetables.
Make your own dressing, honey mustard or creamy Italian made with vinigar and herbs with pure virgin cold pressed flax seed oil.
Home made with organic vegetables, onion soup, tomato, soup or vegetable soup.
2-3 cups fresh vegetables, steamed or raw. Some organic red meat,3-4 oz.

2-3 cups fresh vegetables, steamed or raw.
Unprocessed whole grain bread or cereals.
4-8 oz.fresh cold water fish. Rainbow trout is the best.
Good bottled wateronly. NO TAP WATER! Reverse osmosis is best. Mountain Valley spring water is very good if you have a distributer in your area.
NO OTHER OILS, only cold pressed virgin flax seed oil for cooking or ingestion.
NO FRIED FOODS! Eliminate sugar. NO FOODS with artificial chemicals or additives. NO Preservatives. ABSOLUTELY NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS!
Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, all organic.

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No dairy. Dairy is bad for cancer. Plus it's tough on the body to digest raw veggies & we need our energy to combat the cancer. Once the cancer is out and immune system is strengthened (after chemo/radiation) we can eat raw veggies. But no dairy. Dairy is horrible for the intestines. You can take non-dairy acidopholous. No soy for women especially if it's breast or reproductive cancers. Even my oncologist agrees dairy is awful for cancer patients.


I found this very helpful in guiding me to a cure I can handle. Thank you so much for posting.


Grape juice is high in sugar. Fruit is high in fructose also. I was told to cut out all fruit except pawpaw, one apple or one pear a day or one kiwifruit a day. Sugar in all forms feeds cancer.Since on raw food (mostly veges) and a little protein (organic chicken) my tumour (8cm) has shrunk 2-3 cm.

A. M

Too much sugar in that diet i.e. fructose nothing in it to make body alkaline which is essential to rid of cancer. Also coconut oil should be substituted for flax. That diet would not rid cancer

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