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I have had eczema all my life, severe, to gone and back again. Whenever it comes up sticking to the below always removes or improves my condition depending on how bad it is at the time.....

1) Green Tea is my life savor, it cools my skin and body from the inside. I drink it constantly all day with water. 5-10 cups a day. As mostly the skin bubbles with heat anything cooling the agrivation helps.

2) Pear juice in particular cools the skin.

3) A flannel rubbed with moisturizer (Vaseline / you usual eczema cream, not steriods!), put in the frezzer put on a very Red & itcy area will immediately help.

4) I strictly avoid citrus friuts (take vitamin C to replace), Red friuts, all wheat & dairy products, spicy food, chilli, anything too sugary, food with colouring, ketchup, sweets, coke, alcohol etc. (Cook fresh as it's in the additives, & colouring, even avoid like Soy sauce, balsamic vinegar. It's where you don't expect). Be aware of each item you digest, and you can eliminate.

5) I bathe in dead sea salt, with a non scented bath oil frequently to avoid infection.

6) Avoid dust mites: Clean! Everything, use mattress covers, bed sheet covers, you can kill dust mites by frezzing. (A teddy bear/pillow/blanket).

7) Moisturize!! From the inside and out. So take oil suppliments, EPO is my fave, but also use flaxseed / starflower / GLA etc mix it up so you get a good cover. Hydrus ointment, double base, and Eparderm are my faves.

8) Most of the time for me, it's because I'm stressed/tired/burning the candle/been ill with colds and flu, so just take care of yourself.

9) Use only unscented skin friendly products for everything. Non bio washing powder.

10) Eat lots of oily foods, fish, nuts, and avocados, as well as superfoods for immune boosting.

11) Remember to see your doctor, you could have a blood / skin infection, virus, fungus, if it's a randon/severe outbreak. (My most recent outbeaks have been fungal, even if they don't like fungal, the doctor will prescibe you some creams for this).

12) Protopic, accupuncture, and homopathy have also helped me. I hate steroids, they are no fix, but good if you are desperate.

I really hope this helps someone, Eczema at any stage is hideous! If anything can ease it, it's worth trying.

Good luck

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Hi i have eczema its horrible and discusting. people think its a like a disease i have on my hands. its severe and has spread all over its on my arms, stomach everywhere, its discuting. im afraid to wear dresses or shorts or t-shirts. im going to try this remedie in the hopes that it works.


Thank you!

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