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This cream was created by pediatricians from our state university to cure severe diaper rash, but it can pull the head from a boil in less than an hour. It also works for severe acne and cysts.

Mix the following:
1/2 tube of desitin
1/2 tube of A & D ointment
1/2 tube of bactracin
1/2 tube of lotrimin
Maalox (not too much to make it runny)

I have seen it heal open sores overnight. I have used it for boils and infected sores also. It pulls the infection out quickly and removes the head from boils in less than an hour.

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Mrs. Fabulous

come on now. A home rememdies should be reasonable and not expensive. With that solution I could have just paid a license physcian This is ridiculous!


Thanks for the idea! I like having recipes that work :) It looks like it could be modified down just like a cooking recipe if you don't want much of it since the ratios are equal. Appreciate that you shared!


bought most of the stuff from Walmart. The store brands (Equate) were alot cheaper. Cost less than $15 for all the stuff and I have enough to last forever. Worked great on the boils and other rashes too! Thanks for the remedy.


I was very skeptical but decided what's the actually worked...and in less than an hour...omg...thx

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