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The absolute best remedy we have found for severe diaper rash was created by pediatricians from our state university.

Mix the following:
1/2 tube of desitin
1/2 tube of A & D ointment
1/2 tube of bactracin
1/2 tube of lotrimin
Maalox (not too much to make it runny)

Apply plentiful at each diaper change. I have seen it heal open sores overnight. I have used it for boils and infected sores also. It pulls the infection out quickly and removes the head from boils in less than an hour.

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hahah windex? Really. Are you Greek?


Robutussin - a little 'tussin will fix everything!


7-up, the carbo hydrates ... lol


you know you people should be ashamed people actually turn to these comments for help... ughhhh


Haha I wanted to see if anyone tried this... It did make me smile though. :)


This combination of over the counter remedies is excellent! I tried it out and it has proven to be even better than Bag Balm, which I have used before with very good results. This one is still better.
The nasty comments made against this posting only confirms how good it is. Evil tries to destroy all good and edifying things, and mockery is one of its 'weapons'.
Comparing this remedy to using Windex and Robutussin, and implying that only 'retards' would use it, is an evil attack with the intent to rob humans of this wonderful remedy.

Emma's mom

This worked great on my daughter...and it makes total sense as well. The combonation of the creams with the Maalox is just like Magic Mouthwash for mouth sores is maalox, benedryl & lidocaine. I applied this after having her soak in an oatmeal bath with camomile...the only deviation was that I did not have bacatracin, so I used Neosporin with pain releif which is basically the same. You are a life saver!!


We had to change bits of this but here are some options of this formula. The diaper rash was terrible so this was a last resort before steroids from the doctor.

No desitin or replacement
~Blue tube of A&D (says Treat Diaper Rash w/ Aloe)
~Bactine (no bractracin)
~Yeast Infection Cream (bought in vaginal treatment stuff but lotramin is the same)
~Baking Soda (no Maalox or Pepto)
~Water (used chamomile tea and calendula seeped in boiled water to wet the baking soda)

Used these in equal parts. Saw improvement after applying very generously to every diaper change, even MORE for night, in less than 24 hours.

Also used the chamomile and calendula water as a spritz after every diaper change and left diaper off til the area was dry.

To wipe poopy butts I used warmed water with lavender oil, tea tree oil and hydroperoxide.

None of the options in the formula we used were working by themselves so this was amazing.

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