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So, I've seen some remedies similar to mine where you use vinegar and rubbing alcohol can also JUST use the rubbing alcohol so you don't need to mix anything together. I've had swimmers ear probably about three or four times now and each time one of my uncles told me this:

1) Lay down on the couch, bed, or some place comfortable. Lay on the side that does not have the water in it so the ear that does is open and facing towards the ceiling [facing up]

2) Have someone else [or yourself but easier if you have someone else do it for you] fill the rubbing alcohol bottle cap with the rubbing alcohol and then pour it in your ear [yes, it feels cold and funny I know, but just relax]

3) After a minute, sit up and tilt your ear down to the ground with a cloth/napkin against your ear, letting the fluids drain out of your ear and onto the cloth

Now sometimes, after doing this, it doesn't work. Some things don't work as well on you than it does on others. So if it's not effective on the first try you can either try again after waiting [you can wait as long as you'd like] or just try another remedy you think might work :)

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Morgan Sizemore

thanks for the help!!! it really works:)


My mom and grandmother used the alcohol only remedy on me when I was little and it always worked!!


I used this before and it made the problem worse. Used it again this time hoping the last time i did something wrong, nope made it worse again. My ear went from mildly hurting to burning and piercing non stop. Last time I used it i ended up with a busted ear drum from the infection, I'm soooooooo tryin not to have that happen again


JUST using alcohol will not kill the fungus which is the cause of pain. Fungi thrive in a warm, moist environment and the VINEGAR, or acid, is what kills the fungus. This is why both parts, alcohol to dry out the ear, and vinegar, to rid the environment of the fungi.


I mixed rubbing alcohol and vinegar and dumped a bunch in my ear and it started burning in the most excruciating pain I've ever experienced for about a half hour. Try this at your own risk.

I ended up rinsing my ear out in the shower and applying hydrogen peroxide with a Q-tip which helped a little, but my ear still hurts and feels more swollen.


ok so what do u do if UR ear is closed any home treatment for that

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