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I have been sittin up with my boyfriend for the past week at night...because his tooth has been hurting so bad that he can't sleep...finally i said the heck with this..we're goin to figure out what we can do to get rid of the pain...i need to get some sleep...

so this is what we did...first i tried the vanilla...he said ''yeah that helped'' but then he said '' nope the pain is back again'' still no sleep for next i reading page after page on things he could use...i came across the we tried that..(might i meantion he HATES onions) but he was willing to do anything....he said'' wow that helped...'' yup you guessed it '' no the pain is back''
so then i said well...this woman said gargle with nightquil...after all three of these and me listening to him...tell me none of them worked...guess gettin some sleep tonight cus he has passed out before i even got all this i would say....use all three in that order...and maybe just will get some sleep tonight...

best wishes and i hope all your tooth minor...

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