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Before U do it visit dermatologist and let him check your skin leasions to exclude probability of melanoma or any other cancer.
That's important because messing arround with a superficial spreading melanoma leads to metastases and you are simply dead in 1-5 years.
Don't say what you want to do because he will be really irritated.
You shouldn't do it on your face - plastic surgery.

Flat and BLACK moles - take something sharp, not a needle, something that has like 1mm edge - that you could scrape with it. [heat it into flame to redness] . Start to scrape this till u see the skin color, or reddish area. You destroy the melanocytes - the black tissue this way.
Then the wound have to heal itself - sometimes it's like 1week, or one month.
It's good to do it in one session, because later on there is a black clot which is very similar to what you want to remove - then you have to remove clot to be sure. A small red spot can exist for longer period - that means that you put too much trauma to your skin.

The key to success is practice - start with a small dot on your skin, because it's very easy to remove - it is shallow.

I do it myself, and they just totally dissapear in 2 month

There is no risk in this if there is no neoplasia.

brown and flat - it's hard... In fact they are deep and not so dense in melanocytes. it involves deeper wound to remove them, sometimes u see after 1 month, that the area is darker, try one more time.

BTW - i don't take responsibility for what you do, it's not a medicine just my experience and realistic point of view - people hurt themselves sometimes, and they cut they moles by mistake while shaving. There are pretty many such mistakes in your life. Maybe it is better to do it once or iritate them 100x times?

Do what you wish.

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This method works for me 90\\% of the time. Occasionally I have to do it twice if the mole starts to come back. I do this with slightly raised and tiny flat moles on my face if they appear from sun exposure (yes, I wear sunscreen daily).

I scrape the mole without scratching the surrounding area until it turns pink and I can see the top layer of skin is off. Then I apply iodine tincture (which stings very much) and apply it 2x daily until it scabs over (usually within 1-2 days). I leave the scab on for 2 days until I deem it ready enough to pull off without causing excessive pain or trauma to the skin. Even when it's scabbed over I apply the iodine 2x daily.

Once I deem it ready to peel off with ease, I pull it off and then apply the tincture again- which hurts a lot yes. At this point the skin doesn't scab anymore and instead turns into a pink dot on my face. I continuously apply the tincture daily until the dot is near disappearing- then I stop. At which point the mole is gone and now the skin only has to heal. (Keep in mind, it doesn't look bad- just like a pink dot). 2-3 weeks after it heals I'll be able to tell whether or not it's gone for good. If it starts to come back (it will start to look like a darkening freckle) I repeat the process until it's gone for good. Most of the time it only takes 1 time, at most 2. I never repeat the cycle in the same month. Only every 2-3 if it comes back.

It WILL come back if you get a lot of sun exposure in the area so wear sunscreen and protect your skin. :)

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