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Pure Petroleum Jelly!!!!! Try it with a warm Dead Sea Salt Water bath at the end of your day or twice a day if you can for 15-20 minutes! I tried this for the first time yesterday and my psoriasis symptoms are 50% better then what they have been. All my red spots and patches are really light almost like a very light peach/pink color, kind of blends into my natural skin color. I had red dots all over my thighs and when i woke up about 20 minutes ago I was the happiest i have been in a month and a half, no red dots at all on my thighs.

here's what i have done so far

-100% Pure Petroleum Jelly!!! about 3 to 4 times through out the day.
yes it very thick and oily but it works!
-Dead Sea Salt Bath for 15-20 minutes.
Warm Water, add about 1/2 a cup of Dead Sea Salt (i bought it at walmart, cheap! Brand : Dead Sea Classics Dead Sea Bath Salts 100% Natural) Let your body soak in the water for about 10 minutes, after ten minutes scrub your skin to get dead skin off, soak for another 10 minutes. After bath, petroleum jelly your body, its easier when your skin in a little moist.

it has made a difference for me so far and i have only been doing this one day! reduces redness almost completly.

Psoriasis first appeared for me when i was 13. never had it anywere else except for my elbows, now im 18 and its all over my body. i live in miami so its hard for me to cover up from head to toe in this heat (although i broke out in November when the temp went down) I hate this skin desease, im tierd of explaning what i have, i'm tierd of 'is it contagious' im tierd of the rude stares. my little experiment is working for me so far and i hope it works for someone else.

ps. in walmart they sell this little soap bag which lets you put a soap bar inside and scrub your body, if you can find this 'loofa bag' i suggest that during your bath you throw in some dead sea salt and scrub , it stings for a quick second but it really helps.

wish me luch and i'll keep everyone posted!

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Thank you,Thank you Thank you,for the post it has really helped me.It has almost cleared up I just have it on my elbows,its not as red and flaky,they look and feel alot better.I would tell everyone to try.


hiiii thank u sooo much . i am using vaseline and seeing aa really good result ... its such a relieve .. i will keep u guys updated its my second day and i take the bath as well really really helps. all the spots are red but it doesnt hurt anymore .. seriously everyone should try it

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