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my name is amanda when i was a little girl i had nightmares about getting kidnapped every night finally my mom was fed up with these nightmares, so she looked it up online and found a trick that said to sleep with a broom under my pillow every night. i did that and the first night i didnt have any nightmares whatsoever. i havent had a nightmare since!!!

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Errr.... that's interesting.


not surprising it worked... who the hell could get to sleep on top of a god damned broom?


I think it's amazing and am so over these nightmares, I'm willing to try just about anything!!

Thanks Amanda!!

It's obvious to me that anyone willing to post rude comments, hasn't had the misfortune of true nightmares...maybe they should deal with them for awhile...I believe it might change their bad and truly unneeded attitude...just saying.


Like a small symbolic broom or an actual sweep the floor kind of broom? I want to make sure I get it right.

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