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Alternative to Stitches

Okay now this one is very old, my great grandmother was an old german witch doctor, and she brought it over from europe back in the 1800's and it works.

I own a manufacturing business, and i keep a small colony of black widow spiders in my shop, this is the reason.

If you cut yourself, and it can be anything from a shallow cut, to a deep gash where an artery is shooting blood 6 feet accross the room, grab a handful of spider webs, and slap them on the cut. Theres something in the web that will coagluate the blood almost instantly, and the fibers in the web end up stitching the cut together, and its generally gone in about 3 days.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who's prone to infections, as the webs aren't necessarily clean or sterile, but for anyone who's not, this can be an immediate and effective solution.


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The first time I read your post I thought you said slap a hand full of spiders on the wound... LOL

The web is a good idea but could the spider webs be harvested and stored for later use? Reaching up into a spider web might not be a good idea in the immediate aftermath of being wounded since one could accidentally grab a unsuspecting black widow spider along with the web..


Actually my great great great grandmother was a Native American healer and passed this method down for generations. You must collect caterpillars of different ages to ensure a constant supply of fresh cocoons. You must also make sure to feed the caterpillars on a regular basis to ensure the best quality cocoon. This is the ideal anti coagulant found right from nature. Break open the cocoon and harvest the sticky/stringy material and apply it to the wound. You must use one cocoon per centimeter of the wound. Please do not use black widow spiders, as that method could be very dangerous .

Christina H.

This is not the first time I've heard this. I've used it myself and know it works. I would also like to say, it's not for everyone. No remedy is. To each there own. Always do what works for you.

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