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A shot glass of vinegar every four hours should do the trick. It tastes terrible, but the relief it brings is worth it.

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David Tierney

My lower left back side, about even with my belly button - kidney area started hurting about 6 hrs ago, getting worse. I looked at an herbal book of mine and saw onion juice and apple cider vinigar. When I saw this recommendation for the vinigar again, I thought to try it out. Just felt right. I took a table spoon and the pain in my back dropped in half in 5 seconds. I also drank cranberry juice after to help flush. Continued in the middle of the night and in the am. Getting better.


if you drink to much vinegar it alters your blood ph and can really fuck you up. i tried doing this to pass a drug test and ended up in the hospital for 3 days. do not drink vinegar!



Worked great for me. I did not have any problem urinating just the most horrible deep lower back ache where my kidneys are. Couldn’t sleep, sit, or stand, it was hell. Took a shot glass of vinegar added it to a cup of water and drank it. About 20 minutes later my pain was so low that I’m euphoric from relief and dosing off. Going to go take a much needed nap.

Thank you,


I took a shot of vinigar and my kidneys instantly started to tingle.
I'm following with Cranberry juice.
32oz of juice $9.00 I'm going to try and find the capsuls today. More bang for the buck!


Yeah i have a kidney infection now. Went to the doctor 4 times over the past few months to get treated, but i wanted to find a new way of treating it without the medictation because it made me very drowsey. im trying this now except with warm water and its not that bad (even though i hate viniger) i hope it works thanks for the advice.

Erin Z

I've had a kidney infection for about a month now. I'm tying this now. I just drank a shot glass of vinegar mixed with water, held my nose and drank it. Was gross, but I'f this helps, it is damn well worth it. Thank You.

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