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Take lecithin to break up cholesterol and remove deposits.

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Lecithin can slightly decrease total cholesterol (HDL + LDL + VLDL) but it doesn't not 'break up' cholesterol. Fats and cholesterol do not build up on the wall of arteries like sludge in a pipe.

Eating polyunsaturated oils can also greatly lower total cholesterol. However, they lower both HDL and LDL particles. They also oxidize in the blood to dangerous epoxides and free radicals.

Eating saturated fats can raise cholesterol. However, HDL is greatly increased by eating saturated fats and LDL may or may not be increased by saturated fats.

LDL particles also vary in size and density. Large, fluffy LDL particles are necessary and beneficial. Saturated fats increase large, fluffy LDL particles. Eating a low fat diet can greatly increase the small, dense LDL particles. Small, dense LDL particles are not removed by LDL receptors in the body and are prone to oxidation.

Autopsies performed on heart attack victims demonstrate that oxidized polyunsaturated fats are the predominant fatty acid in the wall of the artery.

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