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This may sound a little weird, but for the itching of eczema I discovered quite by accident that vaginal anti-itch cream will stop the itch dead in it's tracks. It works better than hydrocortizone or any other anti-itch remedy that I have every tried.

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I have to agree, My Wife and i heard a doctor on a radio show mention this, we purchased some plain vaginal cream and applied some and the next day noticed a lot of improvement to our sons skin, we all get a good night sleep now with no itching and scratching.

Amy (22) Freiburg, Germany

I agree 100%. I am an exchange student in Germany, and the drastic change in winter temperatures between the USA and Germany has made my skin go crazy. However, your advice appears to be the only over-the-counter solution that works for me!


this has helped immensely. i'm going to buy a huge tube for home and a small for my purse. i was at my wit's end. i been to the dr. twice with only temporary relief. thanks for the remedy.


Thank you so much for sharing this remedy. My son has really been suffering with horrible itching, His skin looks awful and nothing has helped. Many doctors and prescriptions have not been able to offer any relief. I tried this and it helped so much that within moments of applying he took off the bandages and gloves and fell asleep. Hopefully his skin can finally heal and he can get a good nights sleep. Thanks again.


My two year old son breaks out from eczema everytime it gets hot and humid, so pretty much the entire summer he breaks out from it, and it seems like it gets worse each month it starts out just like a rash on his bottom the moves to his privets and then starts to blister. The docors have givin him stuff but I have only found one thing that worked to get rid of it and that is a natural soup (I cant remember the name) and shea butter. But it doesn't help with the itching during the healing process. Thank you so much for sharing this, I pray it works and by the sound of it this will work. Once again thank you so much.


Thanks for the suggestion. I am 25 years old and haven't had any problems with eczema since I was 3. I am a Canadian who moved to Germany about 10 months ago and after reading these comments I'm thinking that might be the irritant. Luckily I'm moving home in two months, but in the meantime I plan on trying this solution.

kareena kapoor

please let me know the name of this ceam there are so many of them in pharmacy ! os is there any peculiar name ov it!!


hey im 20yrs old and ive suffered from very severe eczema since i was 13yrs to about 70% of my biggest problem is the itching at night when im trying to sleep and waking up felling like i never got enough shut-eye.just reading the other comments on this subject of how its helped out alot of people and their families has convinced me to give this weird lol method a try and hopefully it does some good for me cause to be honest it would be good to get at least 8hrs sleep.


to be honest this really does make sense, the active ingredients stop the itch... i managed to get some from the pharmacist today and have applied it to my son so lets see what happens!

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