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CONFORTIS is a pill you can buy from a vet. call around some will want you to make an appointment and some will not. I've tried advantage, and several other medications for my pug and the CONFORTIS really works and it's pretty cheap

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My dog has been on comfortis for MONTHS but this sesaon the fleas are so bad its not even working. Nothing is..constant bathing and shes STILL gnawing her legs...:(


You can not use this drug n pets that have seizures.


This does not KILL anything till after it BITES your anmal.....another BS money maker if ya ask me!


my vet gave me one pill for my dog for$18, gave it to him 2 wks ago,still has fleas. lot of $ for something tha doesn't work


I bought this for my 2 dogs (maltese) and it has worked wonders!


comfortis makes my dog vomit and then i had to re-treat her because she vomited up the pill, too. she seems to not scratch as much but i think i still prefer advantix flea treatment.

Robert Hartley

CONFORTIS works okay until the future generations of fleas become immune to it. Just like Frontline, Advantix, etc. and costs the same for the same length of time.

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