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Vicki S

Maca 2 capsules twice a day. Works amazingly well. Not expensive. WHole World Botanicals is where I get mine. It is fantastic for sweats and I have the worst my doctor has ever seen--drenching wet at least 10 times a day--to the point where I have to shower and change clothes. Just awful. This is a miracle--I have had these sweats for over 5 years. It is not hormone replacement--it balances the endocrine system from the top down--pituitary-hypothalamus-thyroid-ovaries, adrenals, etc. All working better and better

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Is this a form of estrogen at all? I had breast cancer & have to avoid estrogen but the hot flashes & night sweats are AWFUL! Thanks!


is macca safe I had heart palpatations when i took them for a few days is this normal...

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