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3 months in to this regime and it is working:

Weekly: Soak toes in vinegar for 25 minutes.

Nightly: Apply Tea Tree Oil to toes, cover with socks (so as not to stain the sheets).


At first I used a topical anti-fungal liquid to address athlete's foot around the nail bed. I still apply this once daily.

I now apply vinegar either by cotton swab or dropper daily.

It was difficult at first to clip the nails and to file them, but easier after soaking them in vinegar. After 2 months I kept filing them and now I have smooth nails. Not sure the fungus is gone, but it is a remarkable change.

I tried VVR, but wasn't too impressed. This is working for me.

Once a week I soak in bathing crystals that have epsom salts and Tea Tree Oil.

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I have a question rather than a comment. Do you use white or red vinegar to soak the toes?


I am going to try this. I have been using pure teatree oil for a month but the results weren't as good as I expected. So I switched to olive oil + teatree + lavender oil and I am starting to see a new nail. Me being the retard that I am I discontinued the treatment now I think all the fungus has grown back out. Vinegar is good for everything so I will use this cure.

And also Ann, Im sure you can use white or apple cyder vinegar, Im going to use a mixture.

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