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Here is a list of multiple options, and can all probably be used simultaneously;)
Pharmaceutical antibiotics are overrated bigtime!
Natural Antibiotics!:
Olive leaf extract should help with infections, colds, ear aches, etc. Add 5-10 drops of warm tea tree oil to 1 Tbsp. of olive oil, mix thoroughly and trickle a small amount into the ear as needed.
Colloidal silver, B & C vitamins will help too... try it and let me know how these worked for you please.. Thankyou

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tea tree oil can cause deafness... Please dont use it...


Oh yes, colloidal silver, a friend just offered a bit of that to us yesterday. We intend to try it today!


I have a very bad ear infection. pain is very bad. i have used silver now for 2 days. it is feeling much better. the silver kills the bacteria that cause the infection. don't rush it. 5 drops in each ear 2x a day for 12 minutes. 2 teaspoons by mouth 2x a day. pain is better each day.

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