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i have a plantar wart on my right foot that i've had since about may. i thought there was something in my foot at first so i didn't start any remedy until july. i tried the liquid wart remover stuff from a drugstore with no results. i then tried freezing the wart with over the counter stuff with no result. i then read a few diff. websites that said to use apple cider vinegar. i soaked a cotton ball in ACV and duct taped it to my foot at night. i did notice a change in the wart. it turned black and i was able to pick some of the wart out. the only problem was that i would wake up every night at 2 in the morning with throbbing pain! it woke me up out of my sleep!!!! i kept this up for a few nights but i typically work day shift so i had to stop treatment because i needed to sleep! i don't know if the pain was from the wart dying or from the ACV eating away at my skin!! has anyone else experienced this pain with this treatment? i am now scheduled to have the wart surgically removed but i really don't want to that route. im sure that will be extremely painful not to mention the deductible and copays i'll incur from my insurance. any input would be greatly appreciated!

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many people have reported having shooting pain while doing this treatment.


If you can find a natural solution that works for you I would suggest you do that before surgery. I had 3 or 4 plantar warts several years ago and had surgery for them just to come back a year later. Every since I have treated all plantar warts that come up on my foot with a natural remedy or something from a herb shop that specializes in wart removals.

Texas and tired

I just started the ACV method. I had tried just duct tape but results were too slow. The pain made me cry. I feel at times like someone is stabbing my foot with red hot pokers. It this doesn't work I will be really angry at having gone through this much pain. Tonight I took 4 Advil and still have throbbing/stabbing pain so I am up, posting this comment. Sleep is difficult.

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