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the Vit E and wow!!! noticed results after one night. Anyways am 22 and start taking the pill recently and as some of you may or may not know the hormones in the pill sometimes make your boobs bigger. Which happend to me. I am really skinny and never had much of a bust so initially I was delighted but then I noticed I was getting whit stretch marks that started offoff unnoticeabale but atrt looking worse on my chest. Anyway I got really self concious about them and stopped wearing low cut tops as you could see them. Anyways was reading this site last night and saw about the Vit E and remembered I had some Vit E capsules so I exfoliated the area really well (just with an exfoliater I had already...basically any of them body scrubs with the grains threw them should do)....the capsules were basically the plastic ones you take as tablets but they were clear and had oil in the inside so I just pierced them with a needle and got the Vit E oil out and massaged it into the stretch marks....checked this morning and they have nearly vanished! I was so happy!!!....I am going to go buy some proper Vit E cream today other than having to keep breaking the capsules.....but I highly recommend all of you try this. I was genuinely shocked at how well and quickly! it worked. Hope you all have as good results as I did :)

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reallyy??..i hope this will work..gotta try this now..


whats the capsules called just vitamen E .. can you get this anywhere like cvs or walmart?

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