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It was midnight when I realized my daughter had dry socket. I read this website but didn't have any clove oil, so I checked my spice cabinet. I mixed a tiny bit of ground clove with water, pulled off the end of a Q-tip, balled it up, soaked it in the solution and put it in the socket with tweezers.
Within 2 minutes the pain was gone. IT'S MAGIC. Vicodin hadn't touched it.
Thanks for the wonderful info.

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I read wehre you sid you used ground cloves and water. I had my back molar pulled because the impacted wisdom tooth basically crushed it. Of course they drilled and took forever to get it all out (not in one piece), sent me home with some 5-500 vicodin (5 parts narcotic to 500 parts aspirin)<~ makes ya cringe when you know why you're in so much pain. At any rate, here it is wednes the following week and my tears of agony are subsiding as I type this. The blood clot was never there it kept coming off the gauze that was supposed to be repressing the bleeding, needless to say we can all know the agony. It's been about 5 minutes and the pain is still there but its more bearable. I didnt pack my tooth, all I did was stir up a lot of ground cloves to some warm water and dripped it from the q tiip into the hole. the taste is sharp and wehre it touched the incision it burned, but nothing close to unbearable. (trust me its worth the sting). So its throbbing ever so slightly but it has certainly taken the edge off. THANKS! I can't afford to go to a dentist again. It's already cost me $430 so far. No telling what they charge for the next phase of pain ~ LOL.

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