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Ok, I think I've got the perfect remedy. If I told you how many canker sores I'd get you'd probably think nothing of you pain. Think double digit everytime I broke out is how I'd put it.

The fix is simple. Listerine mouth wash. I brush twice a day so I don't have a dirty mouth and that didn't help at all. So I tried listerine for about 10 minutes in the morning, noon, and night. It works. It numbs the canker sores. And it makes the canker sores go away sooner and most of the time prevents them from getting huge and much more painful. And eating is a pain with cankers. Well, listerine for 10 minutes before you eat and you can now eat much easier. I hope this works for you.

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I can't imagine holding listerine in your mouth for ten minutes. Even just swishing it around for 60 seconds kind of kills my taste buds and makes things taste different for me. If I held it in my mouth a long time I wouldn't be able to taste anything for days! be aware of this one people


This is what I do too..but to the person who commented..I'm not sure about the original poster but when I gargle with mouthwash I make sure it only touches where the cankor sore is, and doesn't touch my it won't mess up my tastebuds or anything. It's a little tricky and can be a little messy, but you get better at it every time. And I don't do it for 10 minutes..usually only for about 30 seconds!


Thats a death sentence!

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