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I have had a chronic/recurring yeast infection for several years-- I am 22, every time I go to the gynecologist, I am given yeast infection stuff, and have bought monistat a few times because of my yeast infection. This last bout, though, I read up on some information. Candida yeasts live in your gut, too much sugar in your diet and antibiotic use causes the yeast to overgrow. Then, the yeast can move elsewhere in your body other than the gut. A recurring vaginal yeast infection proves there is a yeast imbalance internally! Therefore, monistat only treats the symptoms, and if you are like me, your infection will come back in a few months. I started eating one clove of organic garlic in the morning, chopped, with a glass of water. I eliminated refined sugar from my diet (no soft drinks, cookies, or sugar in my coffee). I also started taking a probiotic, Accu-Flora Probiotic Acidophilius, about $6 at the drug store, because it has 5 kinds of bacteria in it. My symptoms of vaginal yeast infection immediately stopped, however if I stop taking the garlic (garlic is a natural fungicide which will kill candida) and the acidophilius for a few days, symptoms will return. Symptoms leave again after I start this regimen up again. It is so easy, and you address the problem from the inside out.

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