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i put 1/8 tsp of cayenne pepper in about 4 oz of cold water (hot water always brings pain to the surface and the pepper will dissolve in the heat.. u dont want that to happen). u have to stir in between sips to make sure all the CP is in the water.

i slightly gargled it but for the most part i stood there wit my head tilted back letting the concotion coat my throat.. after doin this 3 times about 30-40 seconds each time, i felt relief and now i can sleep. since i only used 1/8 tsp of CP (recommended amount) my throat/tongue/mouth or lips didnt burn so dont worry about the spicy part! i jus did a test swallow with my saliva and theres no inflammation! i hope every1 finds somethin that works for them!

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this was the best cure yet. It was gross but it stopped my pain and it also helped clear out my sinuses. thanks so much!

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