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So I read all about these different ways to remedy toothache. Listerine (only game me a few minutes of relief), Peanut butter, peroxide, oral gel, hot chocolate powder, alcohol(which normally works for me), and toothpaste. Well about six hours ago my tooth starts to kill me, so I go 'hey I'm a college student no harm in starting drinking now' well that didn't help, so I tried the oral gel and used almost half the thing without it helping me, then I tried the peanut butter, again no fricken help...So I get this crazy ideal to start mixing things together. So I put a little bit of peroxide in a mixing cup, put like 10 drops of oral gel in with it, then went and put about a teaspoon of peanut butter in, a little bit of vodka, some toothpaste, Listerine, and a splash of warm water and mixed it up until it was a paste. I put it on the tooth that was hurting with a cotton swab let it sit for two minutes and then swished some warm water around my mouth to get the access out and so far (it has now been about 30 minutes) the pain is still gone! And this isn't as disgusting tasting as you would think.

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