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Take bonemeal and dolomite every day.

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Do not take bone meal or Dolomite as forms of calcium, they contain high amounts of lead, very little is absorbed...ditto with Calcium Carbonate, the cheap stuff put in cheap multi-vitamins. Buy CALCIUM CITRATE from, or some other source. NO constipation with this product because it goes to your bones not your joints, arteries or wasting through the bowel. And don't forget 400-500mg (divided dose) magnesium per day, vitamin k at 40-50mcg, and for absolute osteoporosis prevention, and CURE, take STRONTIUM (1-350mg capsule per day for prevention) Note: it competes with same receptors as calcium, and you need both, so take strontium before bed, separate from calcium, and when bone resorption is unfortunately highest. Always take more calcium than strontium, so at least 600mg or more calcium, to achieve balance. This is important so as to build strong new bone, not new, yet still porous bone.

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