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A dentinst told me to brush my teeth really good. Then get a white wash cloth, pour some extra virgin olive oil on it and scrub your teeth. I was thinking okay wow this sounds weird. Anyways I bought some and did it thinking a nasty taste would be in my mouth and it worked right away. I am still blown away at the results. Who would think of e.v.o.o.

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I brushed my teeth relly well and then tried this exactly and it didn't work for me. Thanks anyway!


i didnt notice immediate results but i will deffinitly try again in the morning..


I just tried it, rubbed teeth with cloth, then brushed teeth, amazing results....who would of thought?


ummm dont listen to the people who are saying poop. you cook with e.v.o.o?
try this mixed with baking soda. wonders.


Do you need to rinse your mouth after or no?


oh my god! i cant believe it, at first i was just like wtf, but i dont have any baking soda or hydrogen peroxide in my house so i just tried it anyway.
I used one of my sisters eyemakeup removers and put extra virgin olive oil on it and rubbed on all my visible teeth for about 5 minutes, then brushed my teeth. i immediatly saw that it worked so did it twice more, now my teeth are actually white!!!

Patrick Duffy

THANKS FOR THE GREAT ADVICE...NOT!!! now i have aids


some people are totally obnoxious. why can't everyone post serious comments instead of crap. these remedies obviously work for some; if it doesn't just say so, no need for the sarcasm.


IThink i will give it a try.. can't loose teeth with evoo that is stupid i'm going to try and may need a few times will see..

Please Work jLol

All this my teeth are green they fell out stfu ima try this thanks for sharing

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